Paper Counter Bags


Adaptable Colour counter bags for a wide range of retail uses including books, gifts and cards.

Available in classic, candy stripe and vibrant colours available in various sizes.

Promote your brand by over-printing your logo or design.

These high quality paper bags are slightly longer on one side to allow for neater folding.

  • White sulphite paper bags - Suitable for deli's, bakeries and cafe's.

  • Brown Kraft Paper Bags - Ever popular with greengrocers.

  • Greaseproof Paper Bags - Perfect for greasy food like sausage rolls, cornish pasties and samosas.

  • Recycled Block Bottom Bags - Traditional and strong, suitable for books, groceries and wine takeaway.


Ensure that your business is eco-friendly by selecting our ethical paper counter bags. These high-quality printed paper bags are fully recyclable, sustainable and ethical, and come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours to fully meet the needs of your business. They can even be personalised with your brand logo or design, to allow constant promotion of your product.

We offer a wide selection of bags for any needs; white sulphite paper bags, brown Kraft bags, greaseproof, or recycled block bottom bags. Whether you are a bookshop, deli, greengrocer, bakery, or wine seller, you will be sure to find something to meet your requirements. Our products also deny the myth that ethical, eco products are plain and boring; with a huge range of colours and designs you can brighten up your customers' day, and give their product that extra special touch. Check us out today for eco-friendly options!

Paper Counter Bags